Triple Heart Spill

I breathe in and you breathe out,
my heart’s upbeat to your heart’s downbeat —
In between the two, we meet.

We are pressed together like autumn leaves,
like awe and wonder in a memory-book
written out in spinal column symmetry.

With a passionate lotus-scented prayer,
I unfold before your sacred body altar,
surrendered in the remembrance

of who we truly are.

We are anointed in a fathomless Love,
in a quicksilver light surge igniting
and striking us from sole to crown.

Shining with the brightest delight,
a Joy born of a grace-filled glory . . .

Something beyond and before
all human knowledge or spiritual power
shoulders us beyond the gods’ playing field.

I worship at the spirit tableaux
of a scintillating triple-heart spill,
stilled to stone at the tone of such

an evocative thrill-sound throating.
This ripple raptured snapshot of Such a Love

has become a sacred offering to ourselves,

born from the subtle emanations of our Love,
the Endlessness of Inconceivable Love,

the Love we’re always forever becoming.



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